2011-10-31 21:53

Slottet bags

Soon 30 bags will be for sale who will look something similar to this one. So keep your eyes open!


2011-10-29 12:35

Forgotten to order?

You haven't forgotten to order our EP have you? You can order it on Fika recordings


2011-10-29 12:12

Gig in Berlin?!

Greetings from germany! We where mentioned in a german blog called Klangverwandt - which we are really happy about - and they seem to like our music. For all of you who can't read german it basically says that we make music to relax to and that our EP can be downloaded from either lastfm or Fika. That last one is recommended - not because it has a price but because the files on lastfm haven't been mastered so they just don't sound as good. We seem to be liked in germany so maybe it time to actually go there for a gig - anyone know any good venues in for example Berlin?

Slottet | Servants | klangverwandt.com

2011-10-29 12:09

The tape comeback

And as usual Slottet is way ahead of any hypes = ) But let's not be picky and instead be part of the hype and order our cassette from Fika recordings

Cheers, Slottet
Kassettband gör comeback - DN.SE

2011-10-29 12:03

Some updates

A lot going on at the moment, more info will come soon - so keep an eye on any updates! Some hints are: party, bags and christmas.

2011-04-10 16:11

Welcome to Slottet.co.uk

Hi everyone! Our site is finally up and running. Hope you'll have fun while exploring it! /Slottet

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